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FIAT 500 Mobile Cradle for GPS Units - Dash Vent Mounting Style

FIAT 500 Mobile Cradle for GPS Units -  Dash Vent Mounting Style
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Easily secure your GPS where it is most useful to you in your FIAT 500

This FIAT 500 Specific Kit will eliminate your GPS Suction Cup Mount and improve your driving experience.
This FlexPod kit comes with everything you need to safely mount a variety of GPS devices in your FIAT 500.
The FlexPod allows you to position just outside the left of your steering wheel and tilt toward the driver.
FlexPod Facts:
The entire FlexPod GPS module is made from sturdy, lightweight 6061 aluminum.
It features an indestructible anodized ball that easily snaps into the cradle that comes with your GPS device, which means it can also be removed in a snap. This allows you to retain the functions you like about the suction cup mount, only with improved looks, usability, and reduced chance of theft.
If you are still using suction cups to hold the navigational devices in your vehicle you are dealing with unnecessary risks. Your devices could be held more securely eliminating damage to the device from falling as well as the distraction of a GPS falling on you while driving.
You could also have a better view of both the road and the device than you do when you succumb to the limitations of windshield mounts, minimizing hazardous situations behind the wheel.
Vehicle GPS theft can also be mitigated; even when you remove the suction cup and hide everything when the car is parked you are still leaving the telltale circle marks on the window telling everyone that you have a GPS hidden in the car.
Putting the GPS back onto the FlexPod is much quicker, more consistent and easier than re-affixing the suction mount all the time
These are just some of the confirmed fit GPS models;
  • Nüvi 200
  • Nüvi 200W
  • Nuvi 205
  • Nuvi 205W
  • Nüvi 250
  • Nüvi 250W
  • Nuvi 255
  • Nuvi 255W
  • Nüvi 260
  • Nüvi 260W
  • Nüvi 265T
  • Nüvi 265WT
  • Nüvi 270
  • Nüvi 275T
  • Nüvi 300
  • Nüvi 310
  • Nüvi 350
  • Nüvi 360
  • Nüvi 370
  • Nüvi 500
  • Nüvi 550
  • Nüvi 600
  • Nüvi 610
  • Nüvi 650
  • Nüvi 660
  • Nüvi 670
  • Nüvi 680
  • Nüvi 710
  • Nüvi 750
  • Nüvi 755T
  • Nüvi 760
  • Nüvi 765T
  • Nüvi 770
  • Nüvi 775T
  • Nüvi 780
  • Nüvi 785T
  • Nüvi 850
  • Nuvi 860
  • Nüvi 880
  • Nuvi 900T
  • Nuvi 1390
  • Nüvi 5000
To constantly create and evolve high quality solutions that improve the relationship between drivers and their cars.
Company Overview
CravenSpeed is a family company founded in Portland, OR in 2005. A strong commitment to quality and local manufacturing has allowed CS to thrive. Craven Speed has developed over 100 new and unique parts since 2005 and continues to incubate new ideas daily. Craven Speed has formed a great working relationship with MADNESS and works together the MADNESS to help further develop and expand a range of FIAT Parts and Accessories.
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