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FIAT 500 Performance Package A - 1.4L Multi Air Turbo Engine - 2015 on models

FIAT 500 Performance Package A - 1.4L Multi Air Turbo Engine - 2015 on models
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Are you track ready?

Purchase the package and save $100's over individual pricing!

This performance package is designed to make the most of what your 1.4L Multi Air Turbocharged FIAT 500 is capable of doing. With this performance package you are able to transform your daily driver into a track ready FIAT! This kit will allow your FIAT to achieve quicker turbo responses, increased airflow, improve throttle response, and much more!

  • Improved throttle response
  • Quicker turbo responses
  • Improved airflow
  • Overall performance boost

This package includes:
  • FIAT 500 Intercooler by SILA Concepts - Bar + Plate Design
  • FIAT 500 RAM AIR Intake w/ BMC Filter - Red - (2015 model)
  • FIAT 500 MAXPower Engine Control Module by MADNESS
  • FIAT 500 MADNESS GOPedal

FIAT 500 Intercooler by SILA Concepts:

This intercooler features a Bar and Plate Design which allows for more direct airflow over the  factory dual intercooler setup. The Bar and Plate Design is preferred by many over the tube and fin design due to cooling ability and better durability and resistance to being damaged by road debris. The unique design of this intercooler allows for the reduction of temperatures, increased performance and reduced weight (approximately 5 lbs when compared to the stock set up).

Click Here for more information on this Intercooler.

FIAT 500 Ram Air Intake w/ BMC Filter (2015 - on Model):

An intake is only as good as the filter it uses. Instead of using an off the shelf, lower quality filter like all other similar short ram intakes this intake system uses the very best filter available anywhere in the world. BMC Filters of Italy were given the task of designing a specific filter just for this intake system. The goal for the new filter design was to provide the intake system with superior filtration, improved air flow, better durability and a specific tapered shape that would provide for better clearance in the small confines of the engine bay. BMC Filters are legendary around the world and have built their reputation on being the very best.

Click Here for more information on this Ram Air Intake.

FIAT 500 MAXPower Engine Control Module by MADNESS:

The MADNESS MAXPower Engine Control Module provides you with an affordable and proven way to give your turbocharged FIAT 500 more horsepower and torque. The ECM is completely Plug and Play and will instantly transform your FIAT. For more information on the MADNESS MAXPower Engine Control Module visit the product listings pages Here for Bluetooth Control, or Here for the Standard ECM.


The new GOPedal from 500 MADNESS delivers exactly that. Designed to reduce initial lag, the GOPedal connects to your stock pedal assembly and allows you to choose between settings for different driving styles.
It advances your throttle’s timing to give you a more direct response, and this throttle control signal amplifier is installed in minutes with basic tools. It is not a permanent modification and can be returned to stock just as easily. It is a great way to get that race car feeling without breaking the bank.
The devise has been designed to make your 500 more responsive. We have been personally involved in testing, developing and programing this device on our own cars and can inform you that it makes a significant difference in the way the 500 responds.

Click Here for more information on the GoPedal.

CARB Information:

In the interest of improved air quality, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) requires new vehicle and manufacturers of aftermarket parts to develop engine and emissions equipment that either reduce or maintain specific air pollutants affected by vehicle use. Both the California Vehicle Code (section 27156) and Federal Clean Air Act (administered by the Environmental Protection Agency) prohibit modifications that increase vehicle emissions.

Aftermarket parts manufacturers, particularly in the high-performance segment, are required to obtain CARB approval in the form of Executive Orders (E.O.s) for any product not qualifying as a direct replacement for an
original equipment part. This includes meeting all E.O. requirements in its product development process. This guarantees that users of this product will meet certification requirements when registering, selling, or needing to
pass various emissions tests or Inspection and Maintenance (I&M) programs administered by state or local enforcement agencies.

Make sure that any emissions-related product you buy and install carries an E.O. number or is pending an E.O. Without this verification you are at risk, in potential violation of regulations and may incur unnecessary financial obligations during vehicle inspections or emissions tests

Special Note for California Customers:

Some of the parts used in the package are not CARB Certified (California Air Resource Board) at this time and is not legal for use in California on pollution controlled vehicles.

If you are located in California please note that we have other options available that comply with the California Vehicle Code. Please contact us directly by phone, email or check our site for details.


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