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FIAT 500 ABARTH/ 500T Performance Clutch + Flywheel Combo by Clutch Masters - Stage 5 Sprung

FIAT 500 ABARTH/ 500T Performance Clutch + Flywheel Combo by Clutch Masters - Stage 5 Sprung
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Time for an upgrade?
Not sure which set up is right for you?

We have personally worked with Clutch Masters on the Performance Clutch and Flywheel Product Line and have tested them on our own vehicles. Please see our recommendations below along with the features of each of the products in this package. We stock these products and offer full installation services. By installing them and testing them on our own vehicles we are able to provide you our personal feedback on what we feel is the best combination based on your needs.

The Stage 1 Clutch and Billet Lightweight Flywheel has a 90% Holding Capacity over the stock set up!

This listing is for the Stage 1 Clutch and the Billet Lightweight Flywheel.

Details on the clutch:

Heavy Duty Pressure Plate
Dual Friction Organic/ Fiber Touch Disc
Dampened Disc (must be used w/ Single Mass Flywheel)

Details on the Flywheel:

Clutch Masters Light Weight Aluminum Flywheel for the FIAT 500 ABARTH/ 500T weighs only 11 lbs!

This is significantly lighter compared to the OEM dual mass flywheel. Clutch Masters has engineered this flywheel to be driver friendly with minimal gear rattle which is increased when too light of a flywheel is utilized. The light weight flywheel offers a much quicker throttle response without compromising any bottom end torque which can be reduced when using too light of a flywheel. Clutch Masters Flywheels are SFI Certified meeting performance and safety standards for the automotive and motorsport industry.

Why upgrade the flywheel?

Less Parasitic Loss
Can handle more torque
Ability to keep the RPM's up in the power band easier
Less Rotational Mass
Ability to launch at higher RPM's
Faster Reving

If you are looking for a clutch upgrade and are not building an all out race car we recommend that you select either the Stage 1 Clutch/Stock Flywheel (if you want to reuse your original, stock flywheel) or the Stage 1  Clutch with the optional flywheel (this listing is for the kit).

NOTE: The Stage 1 Clutch/Stock Flywheel will ONLY work with the stock flywheel and WILL NOT work with the Lightweight Billet Flywheel and vice versa. If you plan to upgrade to the billet flywheel down the road then you MUST purchase the Clutch + Flywheel Combo and install at the same time!

We are using the Stage 1 Clutch with the optional flywheel on our own FIAT 500 ABARTH which has over 240 Dyno Proven HP without any issues at all. It is more then enough to take care of 99% of the modified FIAT 500 ABARTH/ 500T cars.
The Stage 5 Sprung Clutch + Flywheel Combo is for that person who is building an all out race car (check our other listing). The benefit of the Stage 5 Sprung Clutch + Flywheel Combo is that it is a sprung clutch. What this means is that the clutch plate itself has springs installed that allow it to remove some of the harshness from the clutch engaging during hard driving because the springs allow for give (like a coil springs dampen a suspension.) All the harshness and power that would be normally present is dampened by the springs and is not transmitted to the gear sets, axles, hubs etc. This means longer transmission and related part life overall. Not only is the Stage 5 Sprung Clutch + Flywheel Combo a great performing clutch but it is also comfortable and not harsh on the transmission.


Clutch Masters

Simply the Best

High Technology Makes the Difference

Historically, high performance clutches have been a compromise. While improving holding or clamping pressure, manufacturers nearly always increase pedal pressure to an uncomfortable point, especially for stop-and-go traffic.

Besides drivability concerns, additional pedal pressure can adversely affect stock clutch linkage and cause premature thrust bearing wear, leading to missed shifts, damaged clutch components and even engine destruction.

Today, thanks to Clutch Masters, increased holding pressure does not necessarily mean increased pedal pressure and the problems that can accompany it. By re-engineering the leverage or fulcrum point on the pressure plate through their Hi-Leveragetm ttechnique, Clutch Masters has increased clamping power, often without changing pedal pressure.

Excessively increased pedal pressure, as found in many of today's traditional high performance clutches, places an unsafe amount of pressure on the delicate crankshaft thrust bearing found in most of today's sport compact automobiles. Placing undue stress on the thrust bearing typically causes the bearing to wear prematurely or fail altogether. This failure can lead to catastrophic internal engine damage.

A clutch, simply put, is a friction device that disengages and engages the engine from the transmission to allow for transition from motionless to movement and for gear changes. For street applications a smooth transition of power is essential while still being able to transfer all the power of the engine to the transmission. As power output of engines increase and demands on clutches become greater - for example high performance street or racing cars - the holding and clamping capacity of a clutch also must increase. This is where Clutch Masters' innovative engineering comes into play.

Clamping Force vs. Pedal Pressure

Designing heavy duty and high performance clutches with a very high clamp load and incredible coefficient of friction is a fairly simple engineering task. To do so without increasing pedal pressure has not been so easy. Even the education process of changing opinions that an increase in pedal pressure must accompany a high performance clutch with increased clamping force has been difficult.

Clutch Masters, after 28 years as a premier manufacturer of fine quality clutches, has taken this experience and a clean sheet of paper to re-engineer their line of performance clutches to address these problems. The proof of this success is now available from Clutch Masters as a complete line of clutch systems for high performance street and racing use. It is the first major breakthrough in performance clutches in over two decades.

Following are ways of increasing clamp load. The methods vary in sophistication and effectiveness:


Heat Treating
The diaphragm, or spring, is heat treated to increase spring tension for 10-40% more clamping force. This typically makes the diaphragm more brittle and more subject to premature failure. Many high performance clutch manufacturers use this procedure. Clutch Masters has perfected a more precise method of heat-treating its diaphragms to maintain consistent clamping force without compromising structural integrity.


Double Diaphragm
The double diaphragm is a method of increasing clamping force by stacking two diaphragms on top of each other. This will typically achieve the desired clamping force but will also increase the pedal pressure to a very high rate. For FX 500 and Multiple Disc set-ups, Clutch Masters uses two separate heat treating processes - one for each diaphragm - to ensure perfect compatibility between the two diaphragms. Additionally, there is a special friction-reducing material between the diaphragms to provide optimum clamping force while maintaining an ultra smooth operation.


Thicker Diaphragm
A thicker (than stock) diaphragm allows extra clamping force but is considered to be an on or off style clutch. Smooth engagement is severely compromised with the thick diaphragm due to the reduced elasticity of the thicker material. Clutch Masters does not use this technique.


Hi-Leveragetm Pressure Plate
By re-engineering the pressure plate leverage ring (moving it closer to the pivot point), Clutch Masters solves the clamping vs. pedal pressure problem in a unique way. By moving the pressure ring, Clutch Masters Hi-Leveragetm Pressure Plates take mechanical advantage of the leverage principle. By moving the leverage ring closer to the pivot point, the pressure applied to the plate is increased significantly without unnecessarily increasing pedal pressure, as is typically the case in other clutches. This Hi-Leveragetmfeature is unique to the high-performance clutch industry.


****By combining these various methods of increasing clamping pressure with their re-engineered discs, Clutch Masters has developed a unique way of substantially increasing clutch performance without any of the negative side affects usually found in the typical high performance clutch.****

The Difference:

Clutch Masters clutches are true High Performance Clutch Systems and are technologically superior to anything currently on the market

To develop a clutch with all the desired performance characteristics for intended applications is the challenge of a high performance clutch company. The Clutch Masters clutch system is unique in the industry. We use Hi-Leveragetm technology (refer to the Pressure Plate section) in our pressure plates, which significantly increases clamping force with no unnecessary increase in pedal pressure. Discs are designed either with reduced Marcel or a solid hub design to take advantage of our Hi-Leveragetmpressure plate. The combination of these cutting edge technologies creates the finest clutch system on the market.

Additionally, Clutch Masters, with over 35 years in the industry, has researched hundreds of friction materials and uses only the best materials available for each intended application. By combining the optimum clamping force with the finest friction materials - each with their own unique coefficient of friction - Clutch Masters has developed a line of clutches that provide ultimate performance in virtually any severe environment.


Specific Purposes
All Clutch Masters clutches are specifically designed for varying stages of high performance and/or racing uses. From the street performance enthusiast who requires more grab than a stock unit while retaining everyday drivability, to the racer who needs a clutch to survive under the grueling conditions of competition, Clutch Masters offers complete clutch systems.

When the Class 30 Grey Iron material of a typical pressure plate is not suitable, Clutch Masters uses doubly strong Ductile Iron, which is the case with most CM clutches.

The friction material found on all OE discs and many high performance discs is simply riveted to the disc center section. Under severe use and/or high RPM applications, the disc material can fragment and break apart, becoming dislodged from the disc center section. Once this occurs, the clutch has failed completely and is rendered inoperable. Clutch Masters has solved this common problem on their street and street/strip discs by bonding a special steel backing plate (see disc technology and figure X) to the friction material. This unique feature provides significantly increased heat dissipation properties - heat is the #1 enemy of the clutch - and very high structural integrity to keep the disc intact under severe applications.

Racing Only discs use solid center sections to give all the reliability and performance they need on the track. Warning: These solid hub discs are not meant for street applications as they transfer very high shock loads to the transmission, causing premature transmission failure, and will chatter upon starting from a stop.


The Weakest Link
In the battle of Man vs. Machine, whenever possible, engineers build into any given mechanical system a point of failure, or weak point, which is designed to wear or fail, therefore preventing damaging major components or even catastrophic failure of the entire system.

In the battle of Engine vs. Transmission, the clutch is designed to be that weak link. It is ultimately less expensive to replace a clutch than an engine or transmission. The challenge in building a high performance clutch is to build the unit for different intended heavy duty or severe applications which will hold the power; not break the transmission or internal engine components and retain an overall smooth operation of the entire system (whenever possible). This is the balancing act that Clutch Masters has perfected.

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