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FIAT 500/ 500L Down Pipe Thermal Blanket

FIAT 500/ 500L Down Pipe Thermal Blanket
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Reduce the heat in the engine bay and boost the performance of your turbocharged FIAT 500/ 500L with this Down Pipe Thermal Blank.

Specifically designed for the FIAT 500/ 500L models that feature a 1.4L Turbo Multi Air Engine.

This blanket is designed to limit the amount of heat that is transferred from your factory down pipe/ catalytic converter to your engine bay. By limiting the amount of transferred heat you extend the life of the components under the hood and also improve response from your car.

These thermal blankets are designed to improve response while lowering under hood temperatures. Thermal losses from headers, turbo housings and downpipes cool exhaust temperatures. The result of cooler exhaust temperatures is a loss of energy and velocity. The cooling effect reduces turbo response and  costs horsepower. This Thermal Blanket is designed to help insulate the down pipe from losing that critical heat. The benefit of this is that the exhaust gases maintain their velocity. This helps improve power and at the same time protects vital components under the hood from heat damage.

For even more benefit and heat management check out our turbo blankets.

  Down Pipe Thermal Blanket Materials:
-Silicone Impregnated Fiberglass Outer Shell
-Calcium Magnesium Silicate Wool Inner Core (secured with Stainless Steel Wire Mesh)
-Stainless Steel Fasteners
-Stainless Steel Wire Included

Down Pipe Thermal Blanket Heat Tolerance:
Interior Surface:
Max Temperature Rating: 2300 Deg F / 1260 Deg C
Continuous Use Limit: 1832 Deg F / 1000 Deg C

Exterior Surface:
Direct Contact Limit: 1000 Deg F / 538 Deg C
Radiant Heat Limit: 1700 Deg F / 927 Deg C

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