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FIAT 500T (ECU) Engine Control Module by MADNESS (V2)

FIAT 500T (ECU) Engine Control Module by MADNESS (V2)
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    New and Improved V2!

    The #1 selling module for the FIAT 500T!

    Race Proven Power Gains!


    Easy to install!

    TUV Approved!


    Improve the performance of your FIAT 500T with this Engine Control Module by MADNESS

    This is the exact same module that is being used on the World Challenge FIAT 500 Race Cars! 

    This Engine Control Module has been designed to be a simple to install module that provides you 500T with noticeable performance gains within 1-2 hours (installation time). Before you do any other upgrades give this a try! 

    This unit works seamlessly with our MADNESS GOPedal, the Magneti Marelli Power Pedal and the Sprint Booster!

    If you are planning to also upgrade your 500T with the MADNESS GOPedal please call us directly for an additional discount. You will receive a $50 discount off the MADNESS GOPedal if you have or will purchase the MADNESS Engine Control Module (you must purchase both items within 90 Days in order to qualify for the $50 discount).

    The MADNESS Engine Control Module is a plug and play Digital Tuning Kit for the FIAT 500T. The kit is designed to significantly increase the performance of the FIAT 500T.



    New Features:

    The new and improved software is now uses an input from the camshaft sensor to read the engine rpm live, this allows the mapping instead of being fixed as it was previously to alter the signals to the ECU at different levels as the rpm increases. 

    This gives the potential to increase the power higher at certain rpm than it could be set at before because the signal with no rpm was fixed and may have gone into limp mode if the setting was too high. The new and improved module can vary the signal at different levels at different rpm points due to revised software and new hardware. As great as the first generation was, this new version is even better!

    The tuning kit features:



    We offer a 3 Year Warranty againsts any manufacturer defects. Simply return it to us for repair or replacement.

    The Warranty is transferable!

    10 Adjustable Power Settings - one that is right for you!

    The unit is fully reversible in minutes - you can remove the unit without any trace of it being there

    A By Pass Plug Included - this plug allows you to remove the box for any reason without removing the harness

    Digital Microprocessor Controlled


    Please make sure you enable the Sport Button for maximum performance gains.

    Frequently asked questions regarding the MADNESS Engine Control Module:

    Q. How do they work?

    A. There are two main methods of tuning modern engines, one is by chip tuning or re-mapping, this involves using a special interface to read out the program from the cars computer or ECU and then writing in a new program to increase performance.

    The second method is to use an external plug in Tuning Box or as some people refer to them 'Piggyback ECU', these units connect into the existing wiring of the vehicle generally using original manufacturers connectors, a control unit (Tuning Box) is then attached which can over-ride the signals coming from the engines sensors to the cars ECU and alter them to allow the injectors or common rail to inject more fuel at certain times and increase turbo pressure to keep the air/fuel ratio correct.

    These units are generally connected to either the fuel injectors or to the pressure sensor on the injection systems common rail (the common rail is a thin cylinder close to the injectors which holds the fuel at high pressure before feeding it to the injectors) and also to the pressure sensor of the turbo charger allowing us to increase turbo pressure to match the increased fuel.

    Q. Some other companies selling competative ECU Modules claim that only their ECU Module is safe and all others have dangerously lean AFR numbers. Is this true?

    The MADNESS ECU Modules are manufactured by one of the most recognized names in the industry. We have spent 100's of hours testing these modules on our own cars, 500T cars that are owned by our customers and outfitted with our ECU Modules and on ABARTH Race Cars that compete professionally on the race circuit. No issues of any kind have been reported. No other company can make these claims. In addition, we have spent countless hours dyno testing these ECU Modules to check for AFR numbers, HP and Torque Gains. We also tested a number of settings to see which would perform best on the ABARTH and be safe. We have found (based on testing) that when the box is set on a proper setting (#6 on an ABARTH) the AFR numbers are within the safe range when compared to the stock AFR numbers. Please see the enclosed AFR charts (under additional images) for the stock ABARTH and for an ABARTH outfitted with our MADNESS ECU Module set at setting #6.

    Q. Some ECU Modules are encased in Metal Boxes, some are encased in Plastic Boxes. Which is better?



    The MADNESS ECU Modules are encased in Specially Molded Sealed Plastic Boxes. These are the newest design and are superior to metal boxes available on some other modules. These Modules have a specifically made, molded boxes that are fireproof and do a superior job in protecting the motherboard from moisture and heat. As you know it gets hot inside the engine bay of the 500. These boxes provide superior insulation to other handmade metal boxes.

    Q. Whats the difference between analogue and digital tuning units?

    A. Quite simply the analogue unit has no electronics inside and no processor, its generally made of resistors inside a plastic box with a screw to increase or decrease fuelling, these are very cheap to make and are usually found on auction sites, the risk with these units is that they have no set program to deliver the increased fuel at specific points, instead they just increase fuelling continuously even at idle which can cause the engine to run erratically and over time will likely cause damage and usually create a lot of smoke from the exhaust.

    The analogue units generally will not work on quite a large number of modern cars due to the latest intelligent computers running the engine which can detect them and will cause the engine warning lamp to come on and the engine to go into safe mode (greatly reduced power and limited revs).

    A digital tuning unit has a microprocessor controlled computer board inside which is programmed with specific parameters for each individual vehicle to obtain the maximum performance without reaching the safety cut off limits set by the manufacturer, each unit is set up on a dynamometer so the results can be accurately measured , the digital unit will also not function until the accelerator pedal is pressed beyond a certain point at which you are demanding extra power , this means that no extra fuel is being added at idle and the extra fuel being injected is reduced again when the engine approaches maximum revs to avoid damage , put simply the digital unit is carefully designed using the latest technology to achieve the maximum performance safely from each individual make and model of vehicle, also the parameters in the digital tuning kit are hard programmed into the control chip so they can never alter over time or temperature.

    Q. What kind of increase in performance can I expect from the MADNESS Engine Control Module?

    A. This unit has been tested and used by us (MADNESS), our fellow 500T and ABARTH Owners and our partner Race Teams. Everyone who has installed and used this module (race teams included) has reported significant power gains from their 500. All well known and established companies that manufacture Engine Control Modules report similar gains (some a little higher and some a little lower). We have personally tested this and all other units available and have found all the units have performed well and all units provided great gains. When tested this module on an ABARTH and seen increases of up to 30+ HP. We expect gains of 20+ HP from the 500T (depending on settings, conditions, fuel and testing method).



    You will see an increase in horsepower and torque. The vehicle will be noticeably stronger pulling away and over-taking. Please keep in mind that all performance figures quoted are given as an approximate guideline. They will vary from car to car, figures can also be influenced by outside factors such as temperature, air quality, quality of fuel and accuracy of the dyno the vehicle is being tested on as well as maintenance of the vehicle.

    Q. Why should I buy the MADNESS Engine Control Module over others that are on the market?

    A. We offer every Engine Control Module that is available by reliable, well established manufaturers. There are only a several good tuning kits available and we offer them all.

    If there is a module we do not offer it is because we do not feel confident about the manufacturer/ provider that is offering that product whether it is due to design, performance or warranty issues). Every module we offer is one that we have personally tested and used for a significant period of time and feel is a good product.

    The MADNESS Module is designed to give you significant power gains and at the same time be affortable. We recomend that you review all the options in Engine Control Modules that we have available and choose the one that is right for you. If you have any questions about this or any of the other modules we offer please do not hesitate to give us a call at 562-981-6800.

    We at MADNESS guarantee that this digital tuning module is of the highest standards available. These units carry the highly regarded German T.U.V certification/approval and are rigorously tested and are guaranteed for 3 years.

    Q. Could the unit damage my engine?

    A. These units are specifically designed to run within the manufacturers’ safety limits and tolerances. The extra performance is easily within the capability of the engine and gearbox. The service intervals of the vehicle will not change however it is important that they be done on time and using original manufacturers parts, it is also very important to regularly check the engine oil level and top up if necessary with the correct oil as most modern engines are designed to use some oil to increase the lifespan of the engine.

    Q. Is the unit difficult to fit if I wanted to fit it myself?

    A. Generally not, most can be fitted by you at home or a trained technician in less than 1 hour. We offer installation services for this unit at our facility and can also give you assistance over the phone if needed.

    Q. Is it legal to increase the performance of my engine?

    A. As with most performance enhancing products regulations vary from state to state. We offer this unit under the "For Off Road and Track Use Only" and encourage you to check with your local state laws to see if this unit is legal for on road use in your country/state.

    Q. Chip tuning or Tuning Box which is best?

    A. It’s a personal choice really, both should give similar results. For some people a Tuning Box is preferable if their car is under warranty as the unit can just be removed for servicing and re-fitted afterwards. Chip tuning also gives excellent results and means that the method of tuning is invisible to the eye. We offer both. If you have any questions please give us a call.



    This product comes with a 3 year product warranty, this means if the product develops a fault it will be repaired or if un-repairable it will be replaced free of charge, and the customer is responsible for return postage and insurance in the event of loss. The unit will need to be shipped directly to US for service.




    By purchasing this unit you understand that it is being sold under the "For Off Road and Race Use Only" category. It may not be legal for street use. You agree to check your local state laws for legality prior to installing it and using it on a vehicle intended for street use.

    You also understand that by increasing the power output of your engine you may cause harm to the power train of your vehicle and shorten the life of the engine and related components (if not used as intended).

    By purchasing this unit you understand and agree to release 500 MADNESS, MADNESS Autoworks, its affiliated companies and partners, its owners, officers and staff from any damages, costs, legal and non legal issues that may arise from the use of this product.

    You agree that 500 MADNESS, MADNESS Autoworks, its affiliated companies and partners, its owners, officers and staff are limited in their responsibility from anything that may happen by the use of this product and agree to hold all parties involved harmless from any costs or issues that may be associated with the use of this product.


    MADNESS Autoworks is your One Stop Shop for customizing, accessorizing and servicing your favorite ride.

    Whether you are looking for custom wheels, window tinting, custom stereo installation or other performance modifications we are your shop.

    MADNESS Autoworks is located in Signal Hill, CA (an enclave surrounded by the City of Long Beach) and is a facility dedicated to making your favorite ride truly yours by offering a wide line of aftermarket accessories, installation and customizing services.

    MADNESS Autoworks was originally known as SMART MADNESS a company that became famous for customizing and accessorizing smart cars.

    SMART MADNESS has become the largest provider of smart car parts, accessories and customizing services in North America and now one of the largest globally in just a couple of short years.

    We accomplished this goal by providing the very best in products and services at reasonable prices with a personal touch. We treat our customers like family members and do our best to make sure every one of our customers gets the very best treatment possible.

    A number of our customers own other cars besides the smart car and continuously ask us if we would also work and or customize their other car due to their positive experience with us. This is how MADNESS Autoworks was born.

    Our goal is simple! Provide you, the driver with the widest range of products, servicing and customizing options with friendly service at a very competitive price.

    After spending years working on cars and working with many suppliers we thought at times we could do better by designing and manufacturing some products ourselves. We started partnering up with our most trusted manufacturing partners and suppliers, investing in infrastructure, manufacturing equipment and recruiting some of the best talent that could help us design and build superior products and make them available to our fellow drivers.

    Our goal is to provide a top quality product that has been tested and used in our own cars and has proven to last and provide a good value for the investment. Whether you are looking for the best value in a set of floor mats, a performance exhaust system, an intake, a roll cage or a carbon fiber part the MADNESS Item is designed to deliver on our promise of bringing a good quality item at a reasonable price. We do not design and build our products to be the cheapest, we design then to be the best value for the money and stand behind them the same way we stand behind our work.

    If you ever have a question, need assistance or have a request contact us and we will be glad to help.

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